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State your case Empty State your case

Post  Eetion Fri Apr 10, 2009 1:45 pm

Right now we have 3 political parties.
Were also having to watch for TOs.

Right now i suggest the part leaders submit themselves here so that we the electorate can quiz them so that we can feel reassured that a TO is not their agenda, plus the opportunity to discuss policies.

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State your case Empty Re: State your case

Post  Joey Phillips Fri Apr 10, 2009 9:57 pm

I would like to make a full, honest declaration of my intentions, as for a take over depending on your definition that's what we're doing. I'm here to gain political power to use it towards helping to build Latvia. I want to get hospitals in Latvia, any funds should stay in the treasury unless spent. If funds need to be transferred to an organization to prevent it from being stolen in a takeover, the citizen who controls it should be RL Latvian and have signed a contract. I have no intention of taking funds from the treasury for personal use, or for any other nation but Latvia.

Also, I'll donate any gold from political winnings to Latvijas Sarkanais krusts assuming they still help new citizens at the time. The reason why I'm doing this is to gain respect, and friends from Latvia. I wish to tag my name to the creation of a democracy and be known as an honest person. Some of you already know this, but I use my real name in game anything I do or say is published with my name.

If you'd like to discuss United Latvia's platform directly, there is a thread here

I understand your skepticism and you shouldn't let it down easily to anyone.

Thank you for your time
Joey Phillips
Party President of United Lativa
Joey Phillips
Joey Phillips

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State your case Empty Re: State your case

Post  Uncle Sam Sat Apr 11, 2009 4:14 am

alrighty then, I too have outlined a couple things in an article.

Now first off, I am an American, and I've lived there my entire elife so far. I have recently decided to move to Latvia for the following reasons. American politics got too stressful and tense for my liking. This is a game and we're supposed to have fun playing it. As i especially enjoy the political aspect of the game, I was unable to have fun in American politics, and so I started to look for a place where politics would be more entertaining. The answer I have found was Latvia. As a newly created country, it brought me back to the days when I first started playing erepublik, starting a new life from scratch (to a point). I saw this as a opportunity to make the best of the game once again and enjoy a new political landscape.

I then created my political Party, United Democratic Coalition so that I could get involved in politics right away. That move was successful, however I now have to deal with the American political baggage that has followed me here. I have renounced my American political career so that I may start new in Latvia, free from the stresses of America.

So what is my personal agenda in Latvia? Well I have intentions of Running for President as I already have experience at that position. I believe that Latvia will be different as we have an opportunity to create our own government, one where the people can all get involved and transparency won't be a policy, it will already be there. Because we have such a small population and no threat of war for a while, we do not need to be so insanely private, and so the public can be open to any government discussion. I also plan to run for congress so that we can secure a safe seat away from Indonesia and their Takeover lackeys.

basically all the rest is outlined in the article
^^ link for ya again ^^

if you need to know anything else, I'll be right here to answer any questions.

All the Best,
-Uncle Sam-
United Democratic Coalition President
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam

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State your case Empty Re: State your case

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